About Justin Boid

Why Trust a Former Arizona Native to Care for Your Ice Machine in Madison, Wisconsin

Just In Time Refrigeration is going into its ninth year in Wisconsin, but owner Justin Boid has been in the commercial refrigeration business for 27 years, having originally founded Just In Time Refrigeration in Phoenix, Arizona, before moving his wife Jill and their children back to Jill’s native Wisconsin. If anyone knows the importance of fast service, it’s a trained refrigeration professional who’s worked in Phoenix in the middle of summer.

Whether your issue is a walk-in or reach-in, ice machine or A/C, Just In Time will hurry out to fix it. "Just In Time" isn’t just our name, it’s our promise to give you fast, reliable, honest service.

With six fully stocked trucks traveling throughout Wisconsin, Justin and his team are the guys to call when your Madison coolers aren’t cooling. Justin may have traded in his cactus for a cheesehead hat, but his specialty has remained the same–getting you back up and running right away.

Just In Time Refrigeration is based in Madison and works throughout the area as well as the state, where we serve several chainrestaurants throughout Wisconsin. We provide not only commercial refrigeration sales and service but HVAC repair and installation as well. We’re an authorized service company for most manufacturers and can handle most warranty needs.

Last but not least, remember Just In Time for preventative maintenance as well.

Just In Time covers a large area of the state of Wisconsin because no one wants to call for service for a broken cooler in the middle of a Friday night fish fry or a packed house watching a Saturday college football game. That’s where Just In Time’s preventative maintenance program comes in.

"Cleaning coils, replacing belts and changing air filters for your HVAC system," says Justin, "is the stuff that gets forgotten. But if the belt for your exhaust fan goes out, that could be very costly, when it could have been taken care of for just a few dollar part with our preventative maintenance program."

NEW! Rapid Leasing

Let’s face it. You can’t afford to have downtime with your equipment in the demanding Wisconsin food service or tavern business. So Just In Time has partnered with a major leasing company and can now help get you approved for new equipment within 24 hours. Our existing customers love this service. Call us at 608-838-1314 for details!